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by Gillian Law

Bull launches NovaScale blade servers

Sep 19, 20031 min
Computers and PeripheralsNetworking

Bull SA Friday launched a series of blade servers as part of its NovaScale server range.

The blade servers will be based on Intel’s Enterprise Blade Server family, which uses Intel’s Xeon processor, Bull said.

The series will allow resource sharing between multiple server blades. A management platform has been designed to simplify deployment and monitoring and can be integrated into a company’s existing enterprise management system, Bull said.

A reduced number of cables per server, plus hot-swappable components and modules that don’t need special installation tools will make repair and support easier, Bull said.

The series comprises a high-density chassis, holding up to 14 blade servers, the blade server itself, supporting one or two 2.6 GHz Xeon processors with 512K-byte L2 cache running at 533 MHz, and the management module, Bull said.

The series, to be available in the third quarter, will run Microsoft’s Windows 2000, Windows 2003 and RedHat.