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The FCC needs to step in

Sep 22, 20032 mins
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* The FCC needs to step in * Video to go * Where is the value in IM? * Dare to be stupid

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The FCC needs to step in

Backspin columnist Mark Gibbs isn’t too fond of VeriSign’s recent move to redirect mistyped URL calls to its own Web site. It’s time, he says, to call in the FCC to bring some regulation to the Internet and prevent this kind of blatant commercialism.

Video to go

Video capabilities are coming to mobile devices, despite skeptics who say it’s a technology no one needs, says Datacomm Research President Ira Brodsky in this week’s Totally Unplugged. The killer app may not be full-length movies, but there are plenty of other possibilities.

Where is the value in IM?

Is instant messaging a tool for business or merely a distraction from it? Network World Editorial Director John Gallant posed that question in a recent newsletter column and stirred up a hornets’ nest as protractors and detractors had their say.

Dare to be stupid

In its efforts to upgrade its network, AT&T has to make sure it maintains a certain degree of stupidity, Scott Bradner explains in this week’s ‘Net Insider. That is, it can’t think too much about what kind of traffic might be crossing its net.