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Microsoft releases über patch for XP

Oct 22, 20033 mins

Latest security news.

Microsoft releases über patch for XP, 10/17/03

Making good on a promise made last week from CEO Steve Ballmer to simplify security-patch deployment for companies, Microsoft this week released a consolidated Windows XP update that brings together 22 critical updates into one downloadable package.

Microsoft issues patches for five software flaws, 10/15/03

Microsoft Wednesday issued its first monthly security update since announcing the new initiative last week.

Network Associates outlines security product strategy, 10/17/03

Network Associates next week plans to outline a broad strategy to meld the anti-virus scanning and desktop firewall it currently sells with the application-based intrusion-prevention technology it acquired when it purchased Entercept into a single desktop software product. The company projects that this product will be developed within the next 12 to 18 months.

Microsoft, Postal Service offer electronic postmarking, 10/21/03

A new software plug-in from the United States Postal Service and Microsoft expected to be announced Tuesday is designed to provide the same kind of security for digital documents as a sealed envelope and postmark provide for paper mail.

Symantec adds patch management to Ghost software, 10/20/03

A new version of the Ghost computer cloning and restoration product from Symantec adds features that deploy software patches and reduce the network bandwidth used by the program, the company said Monday.

SSH boosts e-commerce security, 10/20/03

SSH Communications Security next month plans to release its Tectia product suite for securing access to proprietary e-commerce applications by making use of the IETF standard Secure Shell Protocol instead of the Web-based encryption standard Secure Sockets Layer.

Symantec purchases SSL VPN maker SafeWeb, 10/20/03

Anti-virus and computer security company Symantec Monday said that it purchased SafeWeb of Emeryville, Calif., for $26 million in cash. SafeWeb makes technology that gives workers secure, remote access to network resources over the Internet.

NetScreen announces deep inspection firewall, 10/20/03

Citing an increase in attacks that take advantage of holes in existing firewall technology, NetScreen Technologies Monday said that it will release new “deep packet inspection” features across its line of network firewall products.

Virus attacks, 10/20/03

What a month. A rundown of the human frailty, spam and the dangerous Microsoft Windows vulnerability that combined to produce four major Internet worm attacks in August.

Users demand single spec for ID mgmt., 10/20/03

Corporate executives are demanding convergence of competing federated identity management specifications, making the developers of those specifications feel the heat. But the standoff eventually could hurt end users.

MSN Premium to add McAfee anti-virus, firewall tools, 10/17/03

Saying that online safety is now its customers’ primary concern, Microsoft will offer McAfee virus scan and firewall products to U.S. customers of its upcoming MSN Premium broadband Internet subscription service.

HotBrick debuts dual-WAN security boxes with managed service, 10/15/03

HotBrick Security Solutions – a Miami, Fla hardware start-up and managed firewall provider – Wednesday plans to debut a pair of dual-WAN security appliances for small offices.

FSLogic software aims to safeguard shared PCs, 10/15/03

Privately-held software firm FSLogic is offering to ease the headaches of computer administrators working in shared PC environments such as schools, call centers and Internet cafes by introducing a new product that saves Windows system settings and retrieves user configurations without rebooting.