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IBM to service VoIP users

Dec 16, 20022 mins

ARMONK, N.Y. – IBM Global Services last week announced services for companies that want to converge their voice and data applications onto IP networks but don’t have the expertise in-house.

The offerings range from network assessment to installation, system “tuning” and remote management.

IBM says replacing a traditional PBX network with IP telephony could save companies 20% to 30% per year on system maintenance and management.

Along with its consulting, IBM Global Services will resell Avaya’s Eclips gear and Cisco’s Architecture for Voice Video and Integrated Data convergence products.In addition to the installation of voice-over-IP (VoIP) gateways, IP phones and PBXs from these vendors, IBM says it can integrate applications, such as CRM systems, onto converged IP networks. Migration plans for switching from existing enterprise phone networks, whether they be PBX- or Centrex-based, also are available.

VoIP at your service

Some of the VoIP consult-ing, integration and man-agement services IBM offers include:

VoIP network assesment:

Consulting to assess LAN and WAN readiness for supporting.

VoIP installation:

Rollout of IP PBXs, phones and gateways, from blue-prints based on consulting and architecture planning.

VoIP network monitoring:

IBM will monitor IP telephony gear.

Bolstering IBM’s VoIP professional services is the expertise the company obtained through its acquisition earlier this year of PricewaterhouseCoopers’ consulting arm.

A management offering is available from IBM, through which the company will manage a company’s VoIP network once deployed. This involves secure remote monitoring over private AT&T WAN connections, and remote system management and configuration.

According to IBM, its services group also is planning to offer IP telephony as a completely outsourced service, possibly by mid-2003. In this model, IBM would host IP PBX and gateway equipment in facilities used by its hosting business. IP phones, gateways and routers would be at the customer premises.