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by Mitch Wagner

Peer-to-peer vs. client/server

Jan 06, 20031 min
Enterprise Applications

Peer-to-peer applications are best explained by contrasting with client/server.

Peer-to-peer applications are best explained by contrasting with client/server. In client/server applications, like Lotus Notes, clients communicate with each other, but must first connect with the server, which acts as middleman, keeping the master copy of all the information, running nearly all the application logic, and downloading the results to the client.

In peer-to-peer applications, by contrast, virtually all the application logic and information reside on the client, which communicates directly with other clients without server intermediation. Although some peer-to-peer applications are hybrids, with server components, the server isn’t the star player; it’s merely a referee, standing off on the sidelines and overseeing the game without playing it.

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