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DSL service deals worth checking out

Jan 15, 20032 mins

* DSL providers roll out special offers

The price of broadband services are still coming down, but users may be able to save even more by taking advantage of limited-time special offers from some of the larger carriers.

While Covad Communications is offering a couple of special offers one of its better deals is for its “higher-speed” DSL service.

Covad’s TeleSurfer Plus DSL service, which supports downstream transmission speeds of 1M bit/sec and upstream speeds of 128K bit/sec, is now available for $22 per month for the first four months of service. The service typically costs $50 per month. For more information, go to .

The service includes 15 e-mail addresses, 10 M-bytes worth of Web hosting space and dial-up Internet access service, which many customers use as back up if their DSL service is out.

TeleSurfer Plus is a self-installation service so there are no additional setup fees, but the service provider is offering customers a $99 rebate, which covers all of a customer’s equipment fees. Users are required to sign a one-year contract in order to get the special monthly rate.

Although AT&T is not currently offering a reduced monthly service charge, the carrier is offering its DSL service customers free equipment and free security software. For more information go to .

AT&T charges $40 per month for its service, which supports download speeds from 786K bit/sec up to 1.5M bit/sec and upload speeds of 384K bit/sec.

The service includes six e-mail accounts and 60 M-bytes of Web hosting space. AT&T does guarantee its service rates for one year.

Like Covad, EarthLink is offering its customers a reduced monthly service rate for its high-speed DSL offering. For more information head to .

EarthLink DSL is available now for $22 per month for the first three months. The service typically costs $50 per month. The ISP is throwing in equipment, software and activation for free, which EarthLink says typically costs $300. Customers are also offered security software at no additional charge.

EarthLink DSL service supports download speeds between 768K bit/sec up to 1.5M bit/sec and upload speeds of 128K bit/sec.

If you come across any other good high-speed Internet access service rates drop us a line and let us know.