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Mailbag: Job changes

Jan 30, 20033 mins
Data Center

When I recently wrote about how more than one-third of workers plan to change jobs in 2003, I asked for input about what motivates you to seek new work. What follows are some of your stories.

Lisa Simpson, a Unix specialist, plans to change jobs so she can move with her spouse, a JD Edwards and AS400 specialist. She writes, “It has been difficult for us to find jobs that satisfy us in the same city. I found a wonderful job in Orlando, Fla., which is my current job that I love, but my husband couldn’t find a job with his specialty in Orlando.”

Her spouse landed a job in Augusta, Ga., and she says it’s now her turn to find a job there. “We both wish employers were more accommodating in hiring spouses, it would make our lives easier. I can’t imagine I’m the only one in this position.”

Frank, a computer troubleshooter, is happy with compensation, but dissatisfied with work at his site. “I

am not a person who can sit behind a PC for hours and do a ton of paper work, I need to get my hands dirty,” he says. “Our site has hundreds of midrange computers and very little technicians, but also there is not much to do.”

He adds that uncertainty regarding the business is the reason he is looking, in addition to problems with a colleague who is causing the team “to work as individuals and not one.”

And Kristin Morrill is ready to give up on technical writing and get back into real estate. EMC laid off the resident of Mendon, Mass., in September. She says there are no technical writing positions in her area. If she happens to see an ad, she learns that position pays less than half of what she made before or the company pulls the opening.

She attempted to break into the medical aspect of technical writing, but said how much experience is required up front and training fees are so high. 

“I am now looking to renew my sales skills- I was a real estate broker/salesperson 25 years ago,” she says. “I still have an active license which is a plus for me. I kept up my dues all these years.” She just interviewed with one company that offers training, and says if she doesn’t get hired she’ll try another. “Sales jobs are the only things open right now, unless you are a MBA, PHd, and multitalented and many-hatted person.”

May these three and everyone else find success in their searches.