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Users react to SQL Slammer

Jan 29, 20032 mins
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Attendees at ComNet weigh in on who’s to blame for the recent SQL Slammer outbreak: Microsoft for poor security or the infected users for not applying patches that have been out for 6 months?

“I wish what was currently out there was more secure, but Microsoft did put the patch out. Microsoft could have done a better job getting the word out, but it does come down to user accountability.”

Mary Stadelbacher


Pionus Creations

“It’s on the user’s side. If Microsoft didn’t do anything, I’d put the blame on them, but this one is the users’ fault.”

Rich Johnson

Network Specialist

Food and Drug Administration

“I tend to blame Microsoft. In general, they don’t focus on security enough with all their products.”

Craig Horlacher

Network Systems Analyst

Penn State College of Medicine

J. Peters

“I’d say Microsoft’s fault. There’s a patch to apply every day to make their products more secure. You don’t see Unix machines exploited the same way.”

John Peters

Vice President of IT

On-Site Sourcing

“All of the above. Users, hackers and Microsoft. But in this case, Microsoft, the manufacturer bears the brunt of the burden, although all should take responsibility.”

Leo Pickett


Pickett International Enterprises

J. Blackenburg

“I would say it’s the users fault for not putting the patch in place. What 50% of IT departments didn’t apply the patch? Microsoft put it out there, and you know there are viruses so users should take precautions.”

Jill Blackenburg

Client development


L. Wulfers

“I’d say it’s the fault of every programmer out there that doesn’t write fault-tolerant code.”

Lance Wulfers

Infrastructure specialist


M. Li

“Ultimately, the end user is to blame. It’s an awareness issue. End users should be aware of the problems and solutions available.”

Michael Li

Senior Architect

Li Consulting

“I think it’s the users’ fault. If they were told six months ahead and didn’t load the patch, then it’s their fault.”

Nana Osafo-Mensah

System Administrator

National Human Genome Center at Howard University

“It’s the responsibility of anyone that runs and manages a server. It’s their responsibility to apply the patches Microsoft puts out. Microsoft can’t go out to every customer and do it for you. That’s ridiculous. It’s [the patch has] been out for months.”

Paul Krihak

Network engineer

Virtua Health