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Get your AD kicks at NetPro’s Active Directory Conference

Feb 05, 20033 mins
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* NetPro promises AD heaven in Scottsdale, Ariz.

Last year, NetPro had such success with its Directory Experts Conference for Active Directory (DECAD) that it took it on the road to Europe and launched a second conference for users of a different directory product – eDirectory. This year, NetPro plans to do it again.

DECAD returns to Scottsdale, Ariz., between April 28 to May 1, 2003 at the Mountain Shadows resort. Microsoft’s Active Directory Group pogram manager, Stuart Kwan will once again headline the event, sharing his team’s latest developments and letting you know what’s upcoming in the realm of the directory for Windows networking.

Also scheduled to speak are:

* Paul Rich, senior systems engineer at Microsoft’s Operations & Technology Group.

* Guido Grillenmeier, principal consultant at HP’s Enterprise Microsoft Solutions Organization.

* Robbie Allen, Senior Systems Architect at Cisco.

* Cricket Liu, vice president, Research & Development at Men & Mice.

The theme of this year’s conference is “Securing Your Network Infrastructure with Active Directory” – very apropos considering everyone’s emphasis on security these days.

DECAD is the only conference that focuses solely on Active Directory technologies while targeting those already committed to the technology. This isn’t an introductory level gathering. This isn’t for folks looking for a “quick fix” to secure certification. This conference is for serious Active Directory administrators, managers and those looking to leverage the strengths of the directory. NetPro CEO Gil Kirkpatrick promises that every attendee will came away knowing more about Active Directory then they did when they arrived. That’s a pretty tall order, but one which NetPro delivered on at last year’s event. I don’t forsee that it’ll have a problem doing that again this year.

Details and registration materials are online at and those who register before March 1 can save $100, so don’t put off taking a look.

I’m writing this from my hotel room in Washington, D.C., where I’m attending the ComNet conference. Outside a mix of rain and sleet is falling. I’d much rather be in Scottsdale right now. Even without the golf courses and swimming pools at the resort (take a look at the pictures at it’s got to be more conducive to relaxing and absorbing information. Just think, “70 acres of desert paradise, with picturesque gardens, lush fairways, and endless variety.” Plus you learn stuff that will help you in your work. What could be better?

I really feel like I should put a disclaimer on here, something along the lines of denying any involvement with NetPro or the conference. I don’t get anything out of it, but the attendees will. Check it out and consider how it will enhance your knowledge, your job prospects and, maybe, your golf handicap.