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Resoving DHCP without a static IP address?

Feb 24, 20031 min

We have an asymmetric DSL connection to our ISP, which uses Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol for IP addressing. We have to use the ISP’s software to connect to the Internet (which uses PPP over Ethernet), and do it through a PC running Windows 2000. We have a Multitech RF500S DSL Router with a four-port hub.

When we try to configure the router, it looks for a static IP address in the 192.x.x.x range. How can the router resolve DHCP with a static IP address? Can we get multiple users on the ADSL connection without a static IP address?

You can support multiple users without a static IP address. The RF500S manual says PPPoE is supported and includes instructions for establishing a PPPoE connection to your ISP through the browser-based router administration interface in the “ISP Additional Settings (PPPoE Settings)” section of the manual.

Once configured, your network will appear as one user to the ISP, while your users are able to share the connection.