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EnGarde Linux gets a secure mail server

Mar 03, 20032 mins
Enterprise ApplicationsLinux

* Guardian Digital works to add security to e-mail

Guardian Digital last week announced a secure e-mail server suite to go along with its recently released EnGarde Secure Linux distribution.

The Guardian Digital Secure Mail Suite is being billed as a secure, spam-fighting mail platform for enterprises, ISPs and small businesses. The software includes features such as Web-based management, WebMail for remote Web-based access to e-mail, SSL encryption, and an integrated certificate authority for user authentication. The Guardian Digital Secure Mail Suite also works with most standard e-mail clients supporting POP, IMAP and SMTP.

The added security of the mail suite comes from the secure Linux platform it runs on, according to Guardian Digital. Introduced last fall, EnGarde Linux includes a built-in firewall with network address translation firewall and IP address, as well as the Snort network intrusion detection system (IDS), an open source IDS system used widely in commercial IDS appliances. An automated alert system is also integrated into the software to notify administrators of network security events as they are caught by the firewall or Snort IDS code. For host IDS, the open source program Tripwire is used to secure the server against unauthorized system access.

Secure Mail Suite begins at $749. EnGarde Secure Linux v1.5 begins at $729. All products include installation and configuration support within 60 days of purchase.