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Keynote hosts user community

Mar 13, 20032 mins
Network Security

* Keynote Users' Group forum is a place for getting help and sharing performance tips

Keynote Systems last week launched an online community for IT professionals and e-business executives looking to improve the performance of their online business and speed application transactions.

The Keynote Users’ Group is an open Internet forum designed to encourage the sharing of knowledge among peers:

The main focus is Web performance, and Keynote experts will be available online to discuss business and technical “best practices,” tips, tricks and multiple uses for Keynote Web measurement data.

The user forum will consist of two sections. One section is an open forum for IT executives to ask questions and share information about Web performance-related topics. Those topics ranges from Web site load testing, Web measurement, managing service-level agreements, assessing Web statistics, alarms, Web content management and Web user experience testing. The second section will be dedicated to supporting Keynote data users, providing tips specific to Keynote services.

Keynote Internet performance staff members will monitor the discussion threads and provide insight where possible. Keynote also plans to invite guest moderators to share their knowledge with forum members on specialized subjects.

In addition to the online forum, Keynote will sponsor additional informational seminars and events for IT and e-business professionals. The first will be a series of Keynote Perspective Seminars, designed to help network operations professionals manage service-level agreements with third-party service providers and perform root-cause analysis.