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Where are they now?

Apr 21, 20031 min

We look back at 50 start-ups to watch, 1998-2003

In the corporate graveyard

Four companies – two from 2000 and another duo from 2001 – bit the dust within roughly one year of being named as start-ups to watch.

2nd Century Communications
Selected in 2000.

Competitive local, long-distance, Internet access, e-mail and Web hosting services.

Quietly exited the market in June 2001.

Selected in 2000.
Web content distribution.

Ceased operations in August 2001. Colt Telecom Group, of London, acquired the company’s technology platform and other assets.

Cereva Networks
Selected in 2001.
Monolithic storage array.

Ate up more than $160 million in funding before officials pulled the plug on it in June 2002. The company never produced a product.

Selected in 2001.

VPN service that would offer performance guarantees across multiple ISPs.

Despite $573 million in funding, CoreExpress failed. Williams Communications bought CoreExpress’ assets in a private foreclosure in December 2001.

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