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How we did it

May 12, 20031 min

How we tested the Apple Xserve.

We tested four Xserve 1U units, two of the first generation (dual 1GHz CPU) and two of the second generation (1.33 GHz CPUs) in a switched Gigabit Ethernet network consisting of three Apple PowerBooks, an Apple G4, five Windows XP (and one W2KP) notebooks, and assorted Linux desktop and server machines running on either Compaq or Gateway server/desktop platforms. The Xserve servers were connected to the backbone network via a D-Link GBE switch.

We used Spirent Communications’ WebAvalanche benchmarks. We ran tests to determine the number of transactions processed per second, as well as the maximum number of TCP connections per second and found them to be good for this class of processor/speed. The underlying network for the testing was Gigabit Ethernet and we used default Apache/Xserve settings with file-and-print, Windows, FTP, and NIS services running with file system journaling turned off.

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