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Trend Micro adds antivirus software to NetScreen device

May 27, 20032 mins

* NetScreen 5GT to combine firewall VPN with antivirus

NetScreen is beefing up one of its firewall VPN appliances in preparation to support antivirus software from its security partner Trend Micro.

The new box, called NetScreen 5GT, is a souped up version of its NetScreen 5XT box, offering four times more memory than the 5XT, and sporting a RISC processor rather than NetScreen’s security ASIC.

The Trend Micro antivirus software will be embedded in the device’s operating system so it can scan for viruses in accordance to policies set by customers. So, for example, all SMTP and POP3 traffic identified when the box inspects a packet would automatically be scanned for e-mail- or attachment-borne viruses. The new box also includes intrusion detection and prevention software.

The device is available now minus the antivirus software for $595. The companies are still working on integrating the software and expect that work to be done by the end of the year, when it will be available as an upgrade. The companies have not set the price for the upgrade.

Trend Micro will also sell the box under its own label.

The two companies already had a relationship under which the NetScreen 500 VPN concentrator supported Trend Micro’s Content Scanning Protocol (CSP). With that support, the NetScreen software redirects designated packet types to Trend Micro content filtering software also running on the box. The Trend Micro software then makes policy recommendations to alter firewall settings which are then sent to NetScreen’s Global Pro management platform for network administrators to consider.

Future plans call for CSP to be supported by other NetScreen boxes. The plans also call for Trend Micro antivirus software to be embedded in certain low-end NetScreen boxes.

Future plans between the two companies include NetScreen 5GT to be managed by either NetScreen’s Global Pro or Trend Micro Control, its management platform.