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Apple Drops Security Mantra, Bashes Vista

May 30, 20083 mins
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Apple Computer can no longer play the “security card”. 40 Mac OS X security patches this month, preceded by 90 security patches last month. Guess it’s a lot easier to p00n a Mac than Apple wants us to believe. “With great power comes great responsibility”, Peter Parker’s (SpiderMan) uncle Ben told us. It also comes with more hackers and attention to security vulnerabilities, at least in Apple’s case. Was the Mac ever really more secure? Doubtful, it just wasn’t a target rich enough environment until the Mac’s more recent growth in market share.

The Apple commercials poking fun at Windows security issues were cute for a while, but security professionals knew it was only a matter of time before Apple would get their time as fish in the barrel. Those commercials started to have an air of smugness after a while. Even a bit of arrogance. Now, that’s carrying on into Apple’s new ad campaign; Windows Vista bashing. How creative.

The latest round of Apple commercials, like Sad Song and Group, jump on the Vista bashing bandwagon big time. Everybody and their brother has bashed Windows Vista in one way or another. Apple’s a bit late to that party. What’s that strategy of emphasizing your competitor’s negatives so the market won’t notice yours? Too bad their’s not enough good going that Apple can’t spend their marketing dollars tooting their own horn.

Speaking of Apple commercials, here’s the one I like. If you’re a South Park fan, you’ll enjoy this one. 

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