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Interesting blogs #0: Introduction to the series

Sep 10, 20082 mins
Data Center

One of my recurring hobbies is finding interesting technology blogs. So I plan to use A World of Bytes to point out some other blogs that may be deserving of your attention. I won’t promise that they all will be “great” or even – depending on your yardsticks — “good.” But they all will be ones that caught my interest, at least for a while, for reasons that could make them interesting to other Network World readers as well. A running list of blogs highlighted – more precisely, of the posts highlighting them – is being kept below.

Two notes of background. First, I already made up lists comprising several hundred blogs with interesting content, in the DMOZ categories for:

More formal category names may be found on my DMOZ profile, along with updates to any broken URLs (That page also has a somewhat more personal bio of me than the others you’ll usually find on the Web.) The numbers above are a count of listings in each category. Most of the blogs there were added be me, or else already there and not-disapproved by me, in early 2007. Since then, my active involvement in DMOZ is way down, in part as a reaction to the inherent inefficiencies of the ODP.

Also, I have several blogs of my own, which I like to think are interesting. Besides A World of Bytes, they include:

  • DBMS2, covering database management, analytics, and related technologies. Particularly intense are the discussions of new data warehouse database technologies, and many of the industry’s senior participants jump in directly.
  • Text Technologies, a companion to DBMS2 focusing on text-related technologies such as search, text mining, and social media. It is pretty much the blog of record about the text mining industry, and features some often-linked posts about Twitter as well.
  • Strategic Messaging, a blog about the practice of strategic marketing, especially in enterprise IT and politics.
  • Software Memories, a very low-volume blog on the history of the software industry.
  • The Monash Report, my catch-all blog for posts that don’t seem to fit anywhere else.

Interesting blogs highlighted in this series so far