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Being said about McNealy and Schwartz

Apr 25, 20061 min
Data Center

McNealy kicked upstairs, Schwartz the new CEO at Sun: If you’re perusing the news coverage this morning here’s a little help:

BusinessWeek Online has one of the more in-depth examinations of the McNealy/Schwartz relationship here.

A nugget from Forbes: “Sun’s stock, which had hit $64 in 2000, hasn’t made it above $5 for five years.”

One from the New York Times: “Mr. McNealy’s legacy will be not only the company he built, but also a generation of technology leaders who worked under him, including (Ed) Zander, now the chief executive at Motorola; Carol Bartz, chairwoman of Autodesk, the engineering software firm; and Eric E. Schmidt, chief executive of Google.”

And Owen Thomas at Business 2.0 Magazine getting a bit snarky: “In a Hail Mary move to save the company, Sun Microsystems has just appointed a ponytailed blogger as its CEO.”

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