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Microsoft Office 2007

Feb 16, 20062 mins
Data Center

Microsoft, another company always seeking headlines, released the new name for their updated Office suite: Office 2007. Personally, I’m overwhelmed by the blandness of it all. Check the news index or read it here. Notice the “2007” part of this. I take this as another indication that Windows Vista will hit in 2007 rather than this year.

Pricing hints indicate the range will remain the same: $500+ down to $350. Corporate volume license buyers will get some extra goodies, like the Groove Virtual Office software now labeled Office Groove. Sounds like some tracks on your iPod, doesn’t it?. Oops, I mean PlaysForSure, the different media players (Microsoft rather than Apple) with equally restrictive rights keeping consumers from controlling their own music. Maybe Microsoft will offer a downloadable Office Groove mashup to registered buyers.

“Academic” version pricing at $150 will no doubt remain a secret until closer to the release date (you know, theos Office retail boxes you get at Sam’s Club and Wal-Mart).

Since the release date is 2007, why am I wasting time talking about it now? Because it’s Microsoft, that’s why. It’s the law, or at least the strong inclination to closely watch gorillas in the market. Plus this gives you time to start saving your shekels, because you’ll need plenty of them.

Dennis O’Reilly’s PC World blog says FrontPage will disappear. Two new packages will take its place, or at least that’s the thought today.