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WordPerfect Redux and Mini-Google

Mar 02, 20062 mins
Data Center

Believe it or not, WordPerfect (now owned by Corel) used to be the dominant word processing application in the world of computing. In the DOS world, the program gave more control and flexibility than Microsoft Word, and allowed you to hot-key between two documents (in DOS, yes, switching between two open files).

Alas, WordPerfect management opted for OS/2 over Windows, and never recovered. Still strong in the legal market, Corel’s office suite anchored by WordPerfect now aims at the small business market. Lenovo, the IBM PC by way of China (remember that sale?), became the largest hardware vendor to package Corel’s Small Business Center in lieu of Microsoft Office (expensive) or OpenOffice 2.0 (free).

The CorelDRAW Graphics Suite, and other Corel imaging applications, provide far more graphic control horsepower than either OpenOffice or Microsoft Office. Since you get the Corel software bundled in a desktop and laptop product line starting at $349 and $599 respectively, be happy. You get far more software this way than if you did get Microsoft Office bundled in, and you pay less.

Have trouble finding files on your server(s)? Google now offers a small search appliance, the mini Google Mini. Price starts at $1995, or about five and a half shares of Google stock.