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Jan 31, 20062 mins
Data Center

I talked about the Gateway E-9220T server in the first column of 2006, and now InfoWorld’s Oliver Rist compares that same server to a couple of Dell servers. All are aimed at the small to medium business market, and all have plenty of flexibility when choosing your preferred CPU.

Of course, more powerful CPUs, especially the new dual-core models, turn affordable servers major budget items pretty quickly. If you need the horsepower, at least now you can start with less-expensive server models.

Notice Dell provided two rack-mounted servers to Oliver. Making the move to putting your servers in a rack, even if it’s not an enclosed rack with forced air cooling, seems to be a rite of passage for many companies. Where are your servers? Rack or under a table?

It’s hard to treat your data with the respect it deserves if your servers are in the corner on the floor under a table. Don’t bust the budget buying a huge enclosure, but get your servers off the floor. If you at least put them on a table, you won’t get so dirty when you have to work on them.

Notice the two lead stories on the news index on the right. First is the official release of the details about a new conferencing provider that builds on top of Skype’s network. Second is a reminder that employees deserve far more recognition than you probably give them. As the market gets better, employees have more job options. If you like your employees and want to keep them, say so now and then.