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Apple Advance Backwards

Apr 06, 20062 mins
Data Center

If there was ever a Mouse That Roared, he wears jeans, a black turtleneck and runs Apple Computer. How Steve Jobs gets so much attention for so many minor accomplishments must frustrate marketing wannabes the world over.

Now the news is all about running Windows XP on Apple hardware. Read about it in “Apple puts Windows XP on the Mac.” (FYI, you’ve been able to do this for years without too much trouble).

PC World has a good question and answer article on this exact subject titled “Q&A: What You Should Know About Macs Running Windows”. This article points out some details missing in the straight news stories.

Excuse me, but isn’t this the exact opposite of what we all want? You want to jump through hoops to run an expensive, bloated, insecure operating system (Windows XP SP2) on expensive, proprietary hardware?

Most people want a sleek, secure operating system running on inexpensive hardware. At least that’s what I want, and those of the individuals and businesses I know. Sleek and secure OS on inexpensive hardware has been the rallying cry of the desktop Linux crowd for years, but people complain they miss a few Windows programs they have to run, and don’t want to learn new ways of doing things.

But Steve Jobs makes doing exactly that seem cool with OS X on Apple hardware (the learning new things with a few Windows programs missing, not the inexpensive hardware part). And Jobs isn’t above taking your money for Apple hardware, either, because that’s pretty cool for him.