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Lego Mindstorms being neglected

Nov 28, 20051 min
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Lego Mindstorms, a robot building system based on Lego, is being allowed to fossilize. Considering how enthusiastically Lego’s Robot Invention System (RIS) was greeted by the market (it has generated a sizeable list of third party how-to books) it seems that the company is not behind the product — see this interesting article by Usman Latif. He writes:

Clearly, there is strong demand for Mindstorms sets, Lego needs Mindstorms sets to combat its diminishing market share, and Lego can produce Mindstorms sets cost-effectively as well. There does not seem to be any obvious rational reason for holding back support for the Mindstorms line but Lego is doing exactly that.

Curious how a company that has gained significant mindshare in a niche can ignore what appears to be a unique marketing opportunity. Latif concludes that “Lego is too obsessed with growth strategies that have worked in the past but are no longer relevant. … For Lego, growth is only a matter of putting the pieces together creatively.


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