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Power up

Jan 02, 20061 min
Data Center

How much power does a PC need? Typical PC PSUs are rated at 400W or 500W but if you feel the need, you can go higher …

PC Power and Cooling Inc. now offer the MAXIMUM PERFORMANCE PSU: TURBO-COOL® 1KW which provides “a conservatively-rated 1000 watts (one kilowatt) of continuous power with a peak of 1100 watts” with up to 70 amps total on the +12VDC rails!

The price tag on this beast is hefty — $489 (RRP) — but you get what you pay for …

See the review at XYZ Computing which concludes with “the amount of power required by even the most demanding of today’s enthusiast systems will not be anywhere near 1000W … Putting aside the overkill of this product, it still did an amazing job in our testing.”


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