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Podcasts on your TiVo

Jan 12, 20061 min
Enterprise Applications

I must have had my head in the sand a month ago when TiVo announced it was adding “Online Services” to Series2 boxes. Those with their TiVo’s connected to broadband via a home network will be able to download podcasts, get local traffic and weather reports, view Yahoo Photos, listen to Live365 Internet radio and buy movie tickets through Fandango. TiVo editors are choosing what podcasts are displayed in the interface, but it looks like there is an option to enter your own feed in manually. What would be really cool is to be able to transfer the podcast that TiVo downloads to your iPod or other MP3 device. Why? Yes, I can do this already with a PC. However, I don’t leave my PC running 24×7, but my TiVo is. Every morning, the TiVo could refresh my iPod podcast content without having to go into the home office, crank up the PC (wait 40 minutes for it to boot), then download and transfer the shows. It could all be done while I sleep.