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Time sink #2

Jan 26, 20061 min
Data Center

Following on from my last wildly popular post on this topic I have another fiendishly clever and remarkably time wasting site for you to get lost in …

Check out fastr, another way that Flickr can be creatively abused. Just enter your name in the field provided then as ten pictures are displayed one at a time as soon as you think you know what the tag is that all the pictures have in common, enter it in the guess field. Guess the tag right when the first picture is shown, you get 10 points (stud!), while if you get it right when the last picture is shown, you only get one point. Worse still if you don’t get it at all you get the big, fat goose egg (loser). You had nothing better to do, did you? [Thanks to fellow IrReGuLaR, Eric S. Johansson.]


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