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Every blog has a first entry …

Jan 31, 20061 min
Data Center

It was just about seven years ago that I wrote my first ‘Net Buzz column for Network World. Even though I’d written roughly a gazillion columns and editorials for other publications by that time, I distinctly recall being nervous about that piece. I mean you just never know how something new like that is going to go.

Today we’re expanding the ‘Net Buzz franchise a bit with the super-secret, unofficial introduction of Buzzblog. I don’t much know where this thing is going to go either, truth be told. We’re just going to start typing and see what happens.

Looking back on it seven years later, I don’t much care for that first ‘Net Buzz. The good news is that I do believe the column has gotten better over the years; practice never makes perfect, but it sure as hell helps.

And if I’m still writing this blog seven years from now, I’ll be happy if I look back at this first post and decide that it kind of sucked.

Thanks for reading … and please don’t hesitate to let me know what you think.

News Editor

In addition to my editing duties, I have written Buzzblog since January, 2006 and wrote the 'Net Buzz column in Network World's dearly departed print edition for 13 years. Feel free to e-mail me at