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IVR critic raises his voice

Feb 02, 20061 min
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Regular readers of my ‘Net Buzz column (not to be confused with Buzzblog) will be familiar with Paul English and his commendable efforts to bring relief to users of corporate automated phone systems. He’s the guy who created the now world famous “IVR Cheat Sheet” and I’ve chronicled his exploits in columns that you can read here and here.

Well, English is back taking another poke at his enemies in the IVR industry with the launch of a new Web site:

According to a story in today’s Boston Globe: “The new Web site will not only feature English’s cheat sheet for getting around the automated systems, which drew national attention last year, but also consumer rankings of companies, a customer service blog by English, and even ‘gethuman’ hats, shirts, and Teddy bears.”

The teddy bears might be a bit over the top.

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