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Quote of the week at DEMO

Feb 08, 20061 min
Data Center

My favorite quote from an onstage demonstration here at DEMO 2006. A demonstrator describing a “woman he met in a chat room” as part of their skit:

She says she’s part Beyonce, part Bea Arthur.

The service being shown too was pretty cool. EQO for Skype extends the Skype service to a mobile phone. Not sure what the phone or network requirements are, that’s a question I have when the Pavillion opens. Update: Talked to the folks at EQO at their booth about what you need to run the service: a phone that supports J2ME and MIPD2. According to their research, that includes 200 million phones currently on the market. They’re continually adding phones that will run their software and have 32 at the moment.