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PolyVision takes flip charts to new level

Feb 09, 20061 min
Enterprise Applications

Who knew flip charts could be cool? PolyVision makes flip charts fun by making an electronic version that can be posted all around the room using projectors. The person doing the annotating stands at a large plasma TV that’s oriented like a portrait. They can draw, bring in video and PC images, and more, with everything being projected on a wall. Each subsequent page (up to 16) can also be projected. What takes it to another level – all the “pages” can be saved and remote users on a PC can see all pages and also take control to make their own annotations. The system requires a bigger conference room as about 18 feet of wall space is needed (30 feet to do 16 images at time). Polyvision is charging about $100,000 for the total package. Bonus: You can watch their demonstration here.