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DEMO O6: Day two

Feb 10, 20064 mins
Data Center

The second day of DEMO was as good as the first! I would have posted sooner but at the Pointe South Mountain Resort where DEMO was staged the in-room Internet service, provided by Wayport didn’t work from Monday when I arrived until Thursday morning when I left! Let me quickly note that Wayport just don’t get the customer service thing: They’re helpful and friendly but disorganized and waste not only customer’s time but their own. Pretty sad. Then I missed my plane, the next flight got delayed for an hour by mechanical problems, and the airline (America West) lost my luggage (I cannot understand how they did it – it was only a 90 minute direct flight!). Anyway, here’s what caught my attention on Day Two …

my people ( VoIP with death-by-features and price competitive with Vonage. Check out their Service Promise — love it! Panoratio Database Images ( This company is in my DEMO top five. PDI applies multiple compression techniques simultaneously on a static database to generates an “image” of the database with a slice-and-dice user interface that is anything from one tenth to one thousandth the size of the original. Performance is outstanding and the potential for the archiving and distribution of large datasets is a huge business opportunity. Sprout Systems ( Mailroom is a Web-based e-mail handling system that intelligently suggests responses based on your prior replies to messages. Also supports delegation of messages to other users in your group. Iotum ( Telephone call routing with rules and integration with Outlook so that when you are in a scheduled meeting, only important calls get through. Really interesting and potentially a huge time saver. Open Connect Systems ( Still got a mainframe? Green screens driving you crazy? OCS’s soaSolution monitors your TN3270 traffic, builds a map of screens and their business process relationships, and then OCS generates an optimized Web services-based solution that reduces data entry and provides a groovy, modern Webified look. Killer product. Sharpcast ( Think Flickr meets moblogs meets cellphones meets the desktop meets Web sharing meets Picasa. Really cool photo library and sharing system. Supports editing, tagging, captioning, slide shows. LocaModa ( You’ll be seeing this company’s products in cafes, bars, and realtors’ windows. The company links displays to cell phones in two ways. First, StreetMessenger, a display that you can send a message to via texting. The message floats in the screen along with earlier and later messages and eventually fades out. Interesting but the other application, StreetSurfer, is much more impressive: A display showing houses in a realtor’s storefront window. You want more information on a certain house or want browse other houses? LocaModa allows you to use your cell phone as a remote control as well as request more details. Outstanding idea! BroadRamp ( Broadramp’s product, CDS (Content Delivery System) converts a wide range of multimedia in Flash-based content providing highly optimized delivery. Gorgeous results: Interactive virtual magazines, smooth videos … wow. Smilebox ( Create on-line and off-line scrapbooks, slideshows, greeting cards, photo abums, and postcards. Think Publisher meets the Web. Slick. NewsGator ( NewsGator Hosted Solution (NGHS) provides RSS aggregation through their servers which can then be embedded in your server’s content. Mi5 ( The Mi5 Enterprise Spygate is an appliance that can block spyware websites, drive-by spyware installation, and unauthorized file downloads along with blocking outgoing communications associated with spyware without false positives or disrupting business continuity. Tested Technologies ( Tested’s Hyperblocking-IPS is an Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) that “intelligently analyzes the IP address of each message connection attempt and blocks threats immediately” by “black holing” suspicious traffic. Particularly interesting is the product’s ability to handle day-zero attacks.


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