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YAi (Yet Another iPod)

Feb 10, 20061 min
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Anyone who purchased a G5 iPod (AKA the “video iPod”) recently may read this and weep: A new improved version is on the way …

A Think Secret article titled True video iPod to sport 3.5-inch display, touch-screen click wheel published yesterday confirms the rumors that a new design is in the works and due to be released in April. The entire front face of the new device will be a 3.5 inch touch-sensitive display and a digital click wheel will overlay the display when a finger touches it. Moreover, this is considered by Think Secret to be the true video iPod with the 5G being really an upgraded 4G. I guess this means better video and better performance. My son, who purchased a 5G just after Christmas, is not going to be happy …


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