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Conferencing news

Feb 12, 20061 min
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The latest Wainhouse Research Bulletin is full of interesting news:

  • Webdialogs is offering a new collaboration service for Skype users called Unyte. It allows up to 4 simultaneous users to share documents as well as what’s on their screens with one another. Currently, the system is free. After April 2, one-to-one interactions will remain free and 4-to-1 conferences will be offered for $99.95 per year.
  • LifeSize Communications has ditched its Executive desktop system for now and is focusing on other HD efforts. Also, the LifeSize Room system is shipping with 4-port MCU rather than the originally announced 8-port MCU.
  • Raindance Communications is being scooped up by West Corp. for roughly $110 million or $2.70 per share.