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Predictable Bush bashing

Feb 14, 20061 min
Data CenterIBM

Only through the grace of his vice president’s poor target selection did President Bush escape taking more ‘Net buckshot of his own for simply showing up to present the 2004 National Medals of Science and Technology at the White House yesterday.

After all, the Bush Administration has not exactly endeared itself to the scientific community of late, making his participation an act of brazenness that did not escape the Slashdotters who kicked up a stinkfest — and drew a few volleys of return fire for their trouble.

In amongst all the clang and clamor, there was one suggestion that seemed to shine through as rather sensible: How about we concentrate just a little bit on the people who won the awards? In that spirit, here are a couple of the technology-related winners: IBM’s Microelectronics Division for innovation in semiconductor technology, and Motorola for advancements in mobile communications.

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