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Pay-for-play finds funny podcast

Feb 21, 20061 min
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My experience with British humor begins and ends with Monty Python (have tickets for Spamalot in Boston next month). And I don’t own an iPod.

Nevertheless, it heartens me no end to see a British comedy podcast called The Ricky Gervais Show now being made available on a monthly subscription basis via

“Their irreverent brand of monkey-based comedy has seen the weekly half-hour podcast storm to the top of the iTunes charts and stay there,” according to this article on

Don’t ask me what “monkey-based comedy” means, but it has been free on iTunes and will now cost $7 a month.

That’s good news if, like me, you believe that people ought to pay for good stuff on the Internet because the people who create it have to eat. It’s a self-centered ideal, obviously, and has been a recurring theme in my ‘Net Buzz column, for example, here and here.

The Slashdot crowd is kicking it around this morning, too, and it won’t surprise you to learn that not everyone over there shares my worldview.

So monkey-on, you British cut-ups. I’ll be rooting for you from across the pond.

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