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Happy 40th HP Labs

Feb 21, 20061 min
Data Center

With a workforce of 600-strong, HP Labs is less than half the size it was only a decade ago, but no one there is whining about cutbacks or living in the operation’s storied past, according to this report in the San Jose Mercury News.

From the story: “HP Labs, which is kicking off festivities today for its 40th anniversary, has evolved from its legendary days as a pioneer of technologies that made HP a leader in scientific measurement, computing and printing. Now smaller, HP Labs is grappling with whirlwind global competition and refocusing its efforts to generate cutting-edge ideas that the company’s core businesses can make money on.”

Speaking of HP’s past, I thought it worth noting that no item in the brief three-week history of Buzzblog has attracted more visitors than this little squib about former CEO Carly Fiorina’s whereabouts today.

I know Carly was a celebrity CEO and all, but this high level of continued interest puzzles me. If you have a theory, please share.

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