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No Longer the Happiest Company on Earth?

Feb 23, 20061 min
Data Center

You’d think that with still having gazillions in the bank they’d be a lot jollier but as their share price sinks it seems all is not happy at Google …

According to an article on Valleywag: “… a couple weeks ago, at a regular engineering all-hands, Larry Page went on a half-hour rant that left the entire engineering team wondering if he’s gone nuts … He spent a long time lecturing everyone about how we’re not smart enough to pick the right projects to work on …” I guess we shouldn’t be surprised as this sort of foolishness comes with the territory of building a company. When a company grows as fast as Google the stress is insane and the people in charge often either cave in or start acting immaturely. This points out that Google isn’t and can’t be different in the long run. They will eventually starting being evil.


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