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Apple Shoots, They Score and They Miss!

Feb 28, 20061 min
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Well, today Apple announced their latest products and while there is some good stuff (the new Mac Minis are wicked cool)(that’s what you get for talking to Bostonians too much), I was really surprised by the iPod Hi-Fi

… which has all the charms of a brick although admittedly it is an Apple white brick. Apple has for the last few years been way out ahead with their industrial design. With products like the iPod, the iMac, the Powerbook, and so on, Apple somehow captured exactly a look and feel that consumers could relate to and backed that up with some of the most powerful marketing around. And now we have the iPod Hi-Fi. It is a box. A dull box at that. And your iPod sits on top like an afterthought. Really, really weird. Other announcements? A new iPod nano, new MacBook Pro, and a new iMac. The other big product announcement? A leather case for your iPod. Sigh.


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