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Buzzblog in Japan via Babel Fish

Mar 03, 20061 min
Data Center

Barely a month old and already this blog is making headlines worldwide – OK, it’s being cited by the CNET Japan Staff Blog, but that’s close enough. A number of my posts about Microsoft’s Origami Project – including this, this and this – have been getting attention on other blogs and news sites, including some overseas.

Having stumbled upon the CNET Japan post myself yesterday, there was only one problem: My Japanese is a little rusty. There was no way to tell whether this was a flattering post or a flame, given that the only two phrases I could decipher were “Paul McNamara” and “Network World.” Fortunately, Babel Fish Translation was invented precisely for such moments.

A quick cut-and-paste reveals: “It seems that does the analysis to which for the present, Paul McNamara of NetworkWorld most is superior in insight. The same person quotes the information of the industry authorized personnel that carries the same equipment you looked at the real thing of Origami, and you say that it is unrestricted life style PC.”

Most is superior in insight? … Maybe I’ll put that on my business card.

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