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Google’s answer … whatever

Mar 03, 20061 min
Data Center

So did Eric Schmidt seriously mean to suggest to Wall Street analysts yesterday that Google, a company with just north of $6 billion in revenue last year, is preparing “systems and infrastructure” to support a $100 billion company? Or was he merely noting the established fact that his company’s valuation already exceeds $100 billion. Schmidt said he would “leave it as an exercise” for his audience to determine which he meant.

The word games had one newspaper columnist fuming this morning.

And they prompted me to ask Google public relations for a clarification.

Here’s their answer:

“No, we don’t plan to issue any clarifications on that comment.”

Reminds me of the time I tried to get a reaction from them about this ‘Net Buzz column.

“Paul, thanks for your note. We’ll decline comment.”

And this ‘Net Buzz column.

“Hi Paul, thanks very much for the follow-up. No, at this time, [there’s] still no change in the communications plan.”

Or this one where I actually prefaced my request by acknowledging they probably wouldn’t comment:

“Correct. …thanks for your understanding.”

They are unfailingly polite, let’s give them that much.

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