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AT&T/BellSouth: Different views

Mar 07, 20061 min
Data Center

Consumer advocates are finding their voices and slamming the AT&T/BellSouth union. It should come as no surprise to learn that these advocates are of the opinion that this deal will suck for the little guy. After all, that’s what they always say about these gargantuan mergers — in no small measure because it’s almost always true.

Also weighing in with their initial reactions are Network World columnists Johna Johnson and Scott Bradner.

In her column, Johnson saves us all a lot of noodling time by laying out the winners and losers.

For his part, Bradner believes the deal will have little impact on the competitive landscape because there really isn’t much of a competitive landscape to disrupt.

And if you like your telecom analysis wrapped in whimsy, you might try Jeff Pulver’s “Baby Bells Grow up with Dr. Seuss,” which like most of the good doc’s work starts out amusing and then drones on for so long you’ll want to pound the crap out of a Sneetch. (Now before anyone judges me harshly for that comment, imagine having 4-year-old triplets who all love Dr. Seuss. ….  I knew you’d understand.)

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