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Ticked by technology at the pump

Mar 08, 20061 min
Data Center

Complaining about the pervasiveness of advertising within the constructs of modern technology should and does come a bit unnaturally to a journalist. After all, advertising puts food on our tables.

We, too, have our limits, however, and for me that threshold was met yesterday at the local filling station.

           Pre-paid with an American Express card right at the pump. Nice. Pumped my own gas, of course. No problem.Then I waited for the scrolling text message that would ask me if I wanted a receipt. At that point I’m itching to hit the road … but first, a word from our sponsors. Instead of the “yes” or “no” prompt – previously instantaneous upon replacing the pump — I get rolling text trying to sell me coffee and sandwiches inside the station. Maybe 10-15 seconds worth. Only then was I free to express my preference about that receipt.Enough irritation to get me to switch gas stations?Probably not, but I’m a creature of habit.

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