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Wireless Tech for Feet?

Mar 15, 20061 min
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You could have guessed such a thing was going to appear but only if you were in the thrall of a fever or otherwise out of it. Yes, it is what the world has been waiting for: The inevitable, inescapable, and somehwat incongruous marriage of footwear and wireless technology …

Dada Footwear announced on April 6 the introduction of Code M “a proprietary, patent-pending wireless technology for footwear that delivers both audio and data … the Code M System from Dada brings excitement back to the athletic footwear industry!” And of course they describe the creation of the shoes as a “feat.” The shoes not only contain a bluetooth transmitter bu also have built-in speakers so you can share your groove with those around you … whether they like it or not (a sharp kick in the ankle should put paid to that problem). Thanks to Jim Sterne for the link.


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