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Mar 21, 20062 mins
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Has anyone ever considered a 24/7 all-Google cable news network? GNN? Some days I think it would fly.

Today we read about the search giant’s latest foray into the content world with Google Finance, which provides news, stock quotes, charts and other data. The fact that the Web is already lousy with such sites seems not to have concerned the Google guys. (And the fact they don’t appear to own is simply puzzling.)

But at least the “Today’s Headlines” news feed on Google Finance knows on which side its bread is buttered. Early this morning the fourth item listed was “Google launches financial Web site.” … You can’t buy that kind of marketing.

Then you’ve got Google being sued by the crybaby operators of, who are tossing a tantrum because their Google ranking has taken a spill for reasons Google won’t explain. Pass the Bactine. KinderStart has as much chance of prevailing as my 4-year-olds do of getting the car keys.

And finally, if you want an in-depth reading of the tea leaves regarding Google’s plans for world domination, try this front-page story from this week’s Network World print edition headlined: “What’s Google’s network plan?”

Hint: If anyone knew for sure the headline wouldn’t have a question mark at the end.

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