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Spam … and Spamalot

Mar 24, 20061 min
Data Center

“Sometimes, we make life very difficult for spam filters,” writes Richi Jennings of Ferris Research. “I was reminded of this today when checking the quarantine for the mailbox that we use for our weblog.”

We’re talking about a little friend-or-foe problem here. Pharmaceutical companies face the same sort of challenge when they try to send legitimate e-mail about their erectile dysfunction products.

Speaking of spam, I mentioned in this post a month ago that I had tickets in March for Spamalot at the Colonial Theatre in Boston.

If you’re into Monty Python, do not miss this show.

If you’re over 5 feet tall, however, be sure to see this show somewhere other than the Colonial Theatre, which for $80 sold me the single most cramped and uncomfortable seat my bottom and knees have ever occupied — and I’m including penny-pinching airplanes and ancient Fenway Park.


Built in 1900, the facility’s Web site notes: “The Colonial was designed by Clarence Blackall, the most experienced and celebrated theatre architect of his era.”


Left unstated was that ol’ Clarence was a sadist.

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