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About one you won’t read

Mar 31, 20061 min
Data Center

I just spent a good half-hour (that I can’t spare) writing a post that you’re not going to get to read.

I mention it not to be a tease but because it brought back to mind one of my earliest and most persistent objections to the whole blogging thing: It can be dangerous if you do it without a net.

This item you’re not going to read made some good points and had the right tone. Only problem: The example I had chosen to illustrate the whole thing wasn’t exactly what I had thought it was the first time I read it in an e-mail. I showed the e-mail to another editor to get his opinion. He agreed that my second thoughts were warranted.

We then agreed that it would be best to put the item on hold and wait for a better example. (Trust me when I say the wait won’t be long.)

Blogging is essentially an individual endeavor, of course, but there’s no substitute for a good sounding board.

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