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Yapping drivers can’t see either

Apr 04, 20062 mins
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We’re nearing the two-year anniversary of my prediction in the pages of Network World that it was only a matter of time before all states would prohibit the simultaneous operation of an automobile and a telephone — at least without the latter being a hands-free model. Slam-dunk, I called it, much like Dick Cheney did with the WMD.

Don’t know about your state, but mine — Massachusetts — has yet to do the right thing on this score.

Of course, matter of time is one of those handy fudge phrases that pundits use to shield themselves from being held accountable for such predictions. I mean over a long enough period of time pretty much everything will happen.

I was reminded of the prediction today when reading our story about a survey of cell phone users conducted by the Pew Research Center, Associated Press and AOL. From that story: “More than a quarter of cell phone owners admit driving unsafely while using their phones and one in 10 confess that they have been the subject of criticism or icy stares for using a cell phone where others thought they shouldn’t be doing so.”

If 25% admit to driving unsafely yet only 10% acknowledge, oh, say being flipped off, I’d guess that the other 15% need to set up an eye exam.

I stand by my prediction … and unlike Cheney, there’s still a good chance I’ll be proven right.

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