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Why not change the name earlier?

Apr 13, 20061 min
Enterprise Applications

Got an e-mail yesterday from TMPG announcing it’s changing the name of its DVD and MPEG creation software from “TSUNAMI MPEG DVD Author PRO” to “TMPGEnc DVD Author 2.0”. What’s I find interesting is this company began touting the new version of Tsunami right around the time of the devestating Tsumai that hit the Indian Ocean. The company went to great lengths to say it was a coincidence that the product had the same name and that they were very sorry about what had happened. But, if they can change the whole product line branding effective immediately, according to the press release, why couldn’t they have done that after the disaster instead of putting disclaimers on every release mentioning the word Tsunami? I am hoping they weren’t using the “bad publicity is good publicity” line of thinking when the new release first began to be marketed. It’s not like Tsunami is synonymous with video editing and encoding.