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Bad ‘Net traffic, bad traffic

Apr 14, 20061 min
Enterprise Applications

Noted network researcher Steve Bellovin, a prof at Columbia University’s Computer Science department, is putting out feelers for research on reducing unwanted ‘Net traffic. The former AT&T Labs researcher is seeking submissions to be presented at the 2nd Workshop on Steps to Reducing Unwanted Traffic on the Internet (SRUTI ’06), an event sponsored by USENIX and that will be held in San Jose on July 6-7.

SRUTI seeks research (due April 20) on the unwanted traffic problem that:

* looks across the protocol stack

* examines attack commonalities

* investigates how various solutions interact and whether they can be

combined to increase security

More on SRUTI.

We most recently quoted Bellovin in a story about security algorithms and we recognize his contributions to security in a recent piece on 20 people who have changed the industry. Here’s more on him.

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