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Tokyo hotel apologizes in advance of minute-long Internet disruption

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Apr 13, 20161 min

And that's just one reason why this hotel overlooking Imperial Palace gets such good online reviews

We all live in fear of the Internet going down, whether it be via a government kill switch or a nefarious hacking group. 

The operators of one swanky hotel in Japan understand the public’s unease, and have taken pains to assure patrons that really, the Internet will only be inaccessible from the facility for 1 minute, and at 4AM at that.

A friend who is working in Japan this week shared the photo above of a note from the Palace Hotel Tokyo’s housekeeping staff, and she commented: “Only in Japan… The detail and thoughtfulness and modesty that pervades everything here is truly admirable.”

Though the crankier traveler might ask: Really? I expect 5 nines of reliability on the Internet at this 4.5-star hotel!

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